The Future of Pensions

The future of work is evolving. No longer does an individual collect a pension by working for a single employer. Instead, people switch careers and jobs much more often, collecting benefits from multiple plans and companies. In addition, self-employment and entrepreneurial spirit is rising, which demands customized pension solutions for this new class of worker and their working arrangements.

Pensions have always been about creating life-security for its customers. Pension funds are characterized by big numbers (millions of participants), lots of money (hundreds of billions in assets) and lots of transactions (hundreds of thousands per day). Yet, most important is the long term relationship that a pension fund has with each of its participants. Developments in the market bring up new challenges for pension providers to maintain this responsibility by finding new customized solutions that match the needs of changing lifestyles and careers. Blockchain, being an immutable ledger, might offer a trusted base for new, more personal services.

Track Sponsor APG is a pension provider organizing the pensions for 4.5 million people on behalf of its clients, its goal: realizing a good and affordable pension at a reasonable rate for as many people as possible. APG is moving forward by redesigning its entire pension infrastructure blockchain based and needs your ideas in this.


Introducing the challenges of the Blockchaingers Hackathon Future of Pensions

Track Challenge 1: A global pension smart contract

APG uses blockchain to build the potential pension infrastructure of the future. Using this infrastructure, could a smart contract be built, through which anyone in the world can manage their pension on this infrastructure?

How to organize pensions and financial security for people in emerging markets and developing countries, using the 100-years experience and solidity of APG, the biggest pension service provider of the Netherlands? What is possible in order to let anyone with an internet connection build their life-security?


Challenge 2: Transparency and privacy combined

APG uses blockchain to build the potential pension infrastructure of the future, bringing us more individual, personal and cheaper pensions.

For this to succeed, you need a whole chain of organizations (salary administrators, identity details, supervisors) to work together. Working together, how do we sustain trust between those parties, without compromising privacy? How can we be transparent, while taking care of the right to be forgotten? APG is challenging the ecosystem to come up with new and innovative solutions for this process.


Challenge 3: Free Zone

APG is welcoming out-of-the-box and wild ideas. If you think you have a great idea for this track, come to the Future of Pensions Deep Dive and discuss your hackathon-idea with APG.